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Boiler Water Applications

When steam boilers are operated inefficiently, it can lead to costly fuel consumption and highSteam Boiler maintenance costs due to the replacement of damaged equipment.  Our specialized treatment programs can provide for the removal of existing boiler deposits from previous insufficient water treatment programs, and our treatment programs can help to ensure safe, reliable steam production by integrating advanced chemical treatments with highly sophisticated feed, monitoring and control systems.

Our Water Treatment Specialist will survey the feed water quality, steam boiler operation and condition before initiating a treatment program.  SKY can provide various treatments such as phosphates, phosphonates, chelants and polymer based programs to inhibit the formation of scale deposits. It is only through careful selection that we can ensure the treatment program will provide effective inhibition results.


Cooling Water Applications

 Cooling TowerCooling towers and condenser systems are very vulnerable to corrosion, scale and fouling formation.  This can be very costly in terms of service disruption, loss of production, increased maintenance and capital equipment replacement.  Implementing a properly designed chemical water treatment program is the simplest, and most cost effective, method of preventing corrosion, scaling, and mineral and microbiological fouling in closed, open evaporative, and once-through cooling systems.   Raw water quality must be taken into consideration when determining the most effective type of treatment program.  SKY has a diverse range of inhibitor programs to meet the needs of any and all various raw water supply conditions.  SKY offers the widest range of treatment programs for cooling systems in the heavy industrial, medium manufacturing, and commercial/institutional market segments.


Wastewater Applications

SKY polymer technology, foam control experience, engineering culture, and environmental expertise are well-suited for water and wastewater challenges.


Not only does a proper water treatment program need a competent water treatment professional, it also needs dependable equipment to monitor and feed the treatment chemicals.  SKY only uses controllers and pumps from the industries top manufacturers like Lakewood Instruments, Pulsafeeder, and Advantage Controls.  We also supply pot feeders, corrosion coupon racks, mixing tanks, mixers, dike tanks, liquid level monitors, water meters and filtration systems for any size cooling tower or closed loop.


Services and Testing

In addition to monthly water treatment testing, SKY can also provide Legionella testing, biological testing, metallurgy analysis, and corrosion coupon analysis.