Welcome...to SKY Enterprises, Inc.



SKY Enterprise, Inc. is a small business based in North Carolina.  SKY deals exclusively in the Water Treatment (boilers, cooling towers, wastewater) and Specialty Chemical Industries.  Founded in 1975, SKY’s  expertise has continued to grow in these dynamic industries.  SKY is large enough to relate to big corporations, yet small enough, to pay attention to the little details necessary to provide a personal, professional relationship.  This close relationship allows us to partner with our customers to provide effective, efficient solutions to their Water Treatment and Specialty Chemical needs.


Our success has been achieved by maintaining high standards in hiring the finest professionals available and providing them with the best tools.  On average, our professional team has fifteen years of experience in Water Treatment and Specialty Chemical sales.  The team we have developed gives our customers outstanding leadership in finding solutions to their various needs so that they enjoy long-lasting realtionships.  This type of approach allows you, the customer, to know exactly whom you are dealing with at all times.


SKY’s concept is simple:  quality products, the best possible service available and competitive prices.